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Company profile

Company profile

Zhejiang Dongyi Aluminum Materials Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive large-scale private company of aluminum materials integrating research, development, production and sales of aluminum alloy. It has two production bases namely Zhejiang Tiantai and Gansu Wuwei. It covers a total area of 150,000 square meters and a floorage of around 100,000 square meters. It is mainly engaged in research, development and production of products of the industry type, building type, military type, aviation type and special aluminum alloy material.

The company is one of the companies with most advanced devices for aluminum materials (long-rod hot saw device, online hardening device and automatic detection device), highest technological level (it has two decades of experience on development and manufacturing of aluminum materials) and most completed product series. Its annual production capacity can reach 100,000 tons. With its outstanding cost performance (its processing precision of industrial materials reach super-high precision level of the national standard and relevant national and international standards, its windows and doors reach Level-8 for air tightness, Level-6 for water tightness, Level-9 for resistance against wind pressure, Level-5 in sound-proof property, level 10 in thermal coefficient K), it has ascended to a competitive brand in the domestic market.

The company has introduced production and detection devices for aluminum materials from such countries as America, Germany, UK, Italy and Japan. It has established a completed production system covering model designing and production, melting, extrusion, oxidation, coloring, electrostatic finishing, powder coating, fluorocarbon paint, heat insulation, precise processing of doors and windows, traffic, aviation, in-depth processing of aluminum materials for military purposes and so forth. It would provide one-stop services following demands of customers.

It puts integrity as the basis and innovation as the soul for development. Regulated management, individualized management and ‘professional, optimized, superior and strict’ company culture root the foundation for its brand and establishes its sound social prestige. ‘Facing the market, satisfying customers’ demands and earnestly providing the best services to clients’ is the ultimate significance for the company to extend market and serve its clients. We would like to sincerely help each of our customer to gain maximum profits. We would like to give the best after-sales services and quality guarantee to all our users.